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(Trust consultant) consultancy committed to help organizations, companies and individuals with their business plans and commercial target.
Our skills and expertise cover a wide range of activities and initiatives and through our strong and wide relation network we provided a wide list of service which facilitate our clients transactions and insure their needs with minimum cost. 

Our Services


Automotive Trading

We buy and sell all kinds of automotives from rare classic cars to the most modern and luxurious ones.

Architecture Designing and Interior designing Services.

We create plans, Drawings, and layouts for buildings and landscapes which accommodate the project requirements and budget, and ensuring that the blueprints comply with regulations.
And also we design the indoor spaces functional, safe, and modern by determining space requirements and selecting essential and decorative items.

Projects Feasibility Studies and Markets analysis and consulting.

We update and complement the existing feasibility study. Analyze and generate feasibility studies on the economic and financial decisions made by corporate executives or government legislators related to the running market.

Real Estate Consulting.

We provide advice to individuals and companies that are interested in buying properties. We provide Client-Centric representation in the Real Estate market. In addition we deliver reliable strategies that can help the client to achieve their real estate goals.

Companies Formation Services.

We have specialized team which is responsible for overseeing lead development, license application process to help you form your company.

Legal Consultant Services.

We are professional at providing legal advices on a contractual basis to businesses and/or individuals.

Hospitality Services and restaurants equipments.

We work with the most reputable hotels, restaurants, theme parks, and other facilities that help customers meet their leisure and recreational needs at the Special prices and highest quality.

Import and Export Services.

We provide customers clearance services alongside with international sea and air freight transporting.

Exhibition Booths designing and construction Services.

We are your manufacture for a top-class exhibition stand. Possession of creativity, craft and experience assist us in providing convincing exhibition stands for companies across Europe and The Middle East.

Residence Permit Applications Services.

We assist you to get the residence permit by making the paperwork and tracking the application all the way till you get the application acceptance and receiving your residence permit.

Medical Tourism Consultant.

We work with certified, best in class clinics, hospitals and medical facilities for you to regain your health along with the most satisfying experience in Turkey.

Educational Consulting

Languages Courses

English, Spanish, French, Deutsch and Turkish

University admissions.

We work closely with the most reputable Universities in Turkey to assist students with choosing the right university to study along with special discounts for all our students.

Masters Programs.

MBA Courses.

Our master’s and PhD Programs

Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Master’s Degree
- Clinical Psychology Master’s Degree (Turkish).
- Cultural Studies Master’s Degree (English).
- Modern Turkish Studies Master’s Degree (English).
- Cinema and Television Master’s Degree (Turkish).
- Political Science and International Relations Master’s
Degree (English).
- Urban Studies Master’s Degree (Turkish).
- Sociology Master’s Degree (English).
- History Master’s Degree (English).
- Public Law Master’s Degree (Turkish).
- Private Law Master’s Degree (Turkish).
- Philosophy Master’s Degree (English).
- Islamic Studies Master’s Degree (Arabic-Turkish).
PhD Degree
- Sociology PhD (English).
- History PhD (English).
- Public Law PhD (Turkish).
- Private Law PhD (Turkish).

Graduate School of Business

Master’s Degree
- Business Analytics (Turkish).
- Business Analytics (English).
- Economics and Finance (English).
- MBA (English).
- MBA (Turkish).
PhD Degree
Business Administration PhD (English).

Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences

Master’s Degree
Cybersecurity Engineering Master’s Degree (Turkish),(Thesis/Non-thesis)
Electronics and Computer Engineering Master’s Degree (English),(Thesis/Non-thesis)
Industrial and Systems Engineering Master’s Degree (English),(Thesis/Non-thesis)
Data Science Master’s Degree (English),(Thesis/Non-thesis)

Our Training Programs

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Contracts & Law

Develop the Highest standards of Technical Legal Knowledge with our wide structured Contracts & Law Courses.

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Corporate Strategy

Reinvigorate your strategic thinking, achieve sustainable growth for your organization and embrace the business challenges of the future with our suite of corporate strategy programmes.

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Finance & Accounting

Improve your team’s management capabilities and potential with our wide range of Business Management Course Titles.

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Health, Safety & Environment

Learn how to work safely, implement & manage an effective health & safety program and security procedures with our wide range of Safety Courses.

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Human Resource & Training Management

Align your business strategy with your people strategy by ensuring that your HR professionals are trained and informed of the current trends, techniques and issues in the HR fields with our HR & Training Courses.

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Leadership & Management Skills

Optimize your professional management effectiveness and accelerate your leadership style by attending our diverse courses that feature the latest Management theories and Leadership best practices to help you become a more effective leader .

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Media & Public Relations

Gain a critical understanding of the practices & outcomes of Public Relations within the context of rapidly changing media environment with our wide range of training courses.

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Project Management

Improve your team’s management capabilities and potentials with the latest Tools & Techniques for Project Management Success with our wide range of Management Courses.

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Sales, Marketing & Customer Service

Cover every aspect of modern Sales and Marketing Management from detailed strategy planning, value creation, increased sales, to customer relationships with our diverse training courses.

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Supply Chain Management

Acquire the skills and knowledge in managing supply chains, vendors, negotiating, procurement strategy development, sourcing planning, supplier qualification.

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Engineering & Maintenance

Discover our wide range of Engineering and Maintenance training courses that have been researched and designed to go beyond the basics.

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Information Technology

Improve your team’s management capabilities and potential with our wide range of Business Management Course.

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Develop a valuable set of skills with our wide range of practical Telecom training courses that provide a solid grounding in the details of Telecommunication Technology.

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